Bluish Black Hair + EASY Tutorials!

Know everything you need to know about bluish black hair, learning some care and how to dye! Although many women dream of being blond or even having colored and streaked hair , others go against the grain and choose the exact opposite: black strands with blue shine.

Being a very stylish option, this hair needs you to know it very well before deciding definitively that this is what you want for your look. To help you decide, know everything about hair in this tone!

How is the effect of that color?

Contrary to what you might imagine, bluish black hair doesn't make you look completely blue - at least not most of the time. In fact, blue is the result of only a slight reflection that is revealed by direct sunlight.

So, if you have this tone in the wires when you are at home or under artificial lighting, nothing happens. It is when you go out into the sun that the bluish particles reveal themselves and form a reflection that appears in all its blue glory.

Which skin tone matches?

In artificial lighting, the wires are just black, so you don't have to be so bold to "hold" the look. On the other hand, when stepping out in the sun, the look stands out and draws all the attention - and that's the moment of truth to show personality.

That is why this look is not exactly recommended for anyone. Anyone who wants black hair and does not have the personality compatible with a little blue hair should only stay in black.

Even being black doesn't suit everyone. Who has very pale skin, for example, may not benefit from the contrast of very white skin with very black hair, unless that is their intention.

Therefore, before going out to dye your hair, it is best to assess whether this is really an option that suits you and your style. Hair dyed in bluish black leaves the skin lighter, so for those who already have white skin, it can create an effect you don't want.

What are the advantages of adopting them?

If you have decided that this look is for you and want to throw yourself headfirst into the dream black, then know that using this color has some important benefits if you really want a beautiful look. Among the advantages of adopting this tone are issues such as:

Sober look,

Color long lasting,

Very bright,

It doesn't age,

Little damage to the wires.

Black is an extremely dense color that creates a deeper impact on the look. Unlike blond , which is more youthful, cheerful and fun, or red, which shows more sensuality, bluish black creates a sense of sobriety to the look.

If with your image you want to convey maximum confidence and personality, this may be the option for you. For the job, even, the option is not banned since in cold and artificial lighting the bluish tone practically does not appear. To get more ideas, check out: best blue black hair dye

How to achieve the bluish effect?

Since no shade is darker than bluish black, it will stick to whatever the base shade is, from platinum blonde to natural black. Again, however, what appears to be - and is a benefit can also be a disadvantage, as the strands can stay colored longer than you want.

So, one option is to choose a toner. This product does not modify the threads internally and only creates a color “cover” that comes out with the washes. On the other hand, it is removed more easily and saves you from having to go through long processes when changing the color.

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